Learning, socializing, interact, and plays with friends are all childrens do in School in their daily time and a "must" for their future and also foundation for a Great Country,why?

Because a great Civilizations comes with great Developed Country, but still with all the advantages country have and a modern school buildings in almost everywhere,several childrens in some part of the world especially on Developing Country still can't reach and didn't get a proper education and in worst state infrastructure, the unstable economy which brought poornes to their civilitazions and less tolerance is one of the other main reason,quality of the education depends on the quality of the Infrastructure and the education instruments it self,conducive and comfortable environmets are also part of needs for children to study in proper way .

As the human who blessed and have a better fortune, this are also our responsible, they need us when no one care, our charitable hand could save our future generation which someday could bring a better alteration in future for all of us, and that is the right for all children to get education in proper condition.


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