Mata Kucing Forest


Mata Kucing Forest is one of Forest Tourism which Protected Forest in Sekupang, inaugurated on 28 February 2002 by Mrs. Aida Ismeth (a Madam of Riau Island Governor) . This place was built as a protected forest, the tourist attraction, the preservation of animals, the  water boom. The Protected of Mata Kucing Forest  have a primary function as a recreational place. Protected of  Mata Kucing Forest width is approximately 200 ha. Almost entirely surrounded by forest.

Sundays and holidays, is a day where this forest become as a forest tourism in Batam who visited by many people, both surounding residents and people whom living far from the location. 

You can enjoy the scenery and Animals are kept, several species of fish, some birds, turkeys, monkeys, squirrel, gibbon, and others.

With 200 hectare of natural forest, you can find fishing pool, jungle track, historical monument, caves, waterfall - A perfect place for campers and nature lovers.

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