Golden City Gokart



Batam as a tourism city has several places of tourist destinations, such as beaches, shopping, resorts and so on. Among the several categories of travel, one traveler interest is sports tourism. In Batam, there are also some destinations that focus on sports tourism or outdoor activity.

In some spots in Batam city, there is one famous spot in town, Golden City complex in Bengkong, Batam. Next to the Golden View Hotel , Golden City offers a fairly complete outdoor activity or sport. In the complex of the Golden City area, there are several sports arena, among them are the paint ball, flying fox, outdoor playground, go-karts and ATV arena.

Among some of the outdoor excursions, the most attractive tourists, especially foreign tourists are a go-kart. Due to the vast area of ??the golden city, the tourists not only come and gathered at one point only, so it is not saturated at one place.

Typically, the female visitors spent time at the outlet shirt aside of a go-kart arena, resting in the food court or take a walk around the Golden City which has another option to look around. But, women visitors also come to try to play a go-kart.

This go-kart game was supervised by the professionals. In addition, the safety of the rider is also a priority. Every visitor who wants to play karts are required to wear a helmet and will be given a short briefing about safety and operating instructions. At the entrance there is any arena signage and announcements that can be read and understood before the start of play.

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