Bintan is the largest island in the Riau province, area 1.140 sq. km, with a coastline of about 105 km. It is truly an unique paradise. Simple life, beautiful beach, friendly people which bring us the leisure. The island gives the refreshment to our mind and body. Tanjung Pinang, Kijang, Kawal, Trikora Beach, Senggarang, Tanjung Uban and Lagoi / Bintan Resort sites, are places that should not missed when you are in Bintan. 

The People 
The island has a population of about 200.000, and like the rest of Riau this is a true mix of cultures like Malay, Bugis, Chinese and the Orang Laut (sea people). 

Bintan Currency
According to Bank of Indonesia regulations that from September 2014 onwards, all the transactions in Bintan island are using Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) so you're required to exchange your currency to Indonesia Rupiah when you plan to visit Tanjung Pinang city. You can also find many money changers are available in Tanjung Pinang city.

Recreational activities include snorkeling, jet-skiing, canoeing, wind surfing, golfing, fishing, sailing, diving, island hopping and shopping. Sun seekers may take a leisurely stroll along then white sandy beaches and enjoy sun bathing in the warm sunshine.

Bintan is very close to the equator and have a tropical climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 21° to 32°, with an average of 26° Celsius. Humidity ranges from 61 to 96 percent. The period between October to March is characterized as the north monsoon season with more rainfall and stronger winds, but the weather is generally sunny all year around. Bintan Monsoon period starting from November to March. 

Bintan Resorts on Bintan’s north coast offers top-class hotels, each located in over 300 hectares of land, featuring world class golf courses designed by internationally renowned golf architects.  Bintan Resorts also offers plenty of beach activities and luxurious spas and is ideal for meetings away from the hustle and bustle of busy Singapore but located very close to it. Because of its wind and waves at years end, Bintan is also suitable for surfing. For more information please click: Bintan Hotel & Resort.

Here are seven international class hotels and 5 fantastic golf courses, some of the best in Asia. Two courses are located at Bintan Lagoon Resort, which is world renowned for its exceptionally designed championship 18-hole golf courses. The Jack Nicklaus Sea View Golf course and Ian Baker-Finch Woodlands Golf course, both offering spectacular signature holes, fast greens, undulating fairways and scenic water hazards. Other courses include the Laguna Bintan Golf Club, and one located at the Ria Bintan Resort.  The 27 hole Ria Bintan Championship Golf Course was awarded Asia’s Best Golf Course in 2008.   

On the west coast of Bintan lies the town of Tanjung Pinang, once a quiet town, now the province’s busy capital. Here you can still find quaint houses built on stilts at Senggarang.  There are Buddhist temples on Senggarang, including an old temple embraced by the roots of a large banyan tree.

Across the Bay, within 15 minutes boat ride from Tanjung Pinang is the small island of Penyengat, once the seat of the Queen of the Johor-Riau kingdom and the place of origin of the fine Malay language, the base for the Indonesian language. Here the Sultan Riau Mosque still stands as testimony to the heydays of the Johor-Riau sultanate. Upon approaching the island, you can see turrets of the yellow mosque peeking above the greenery like a palace in a fairy tale. On Penyengat are the royal tombs of the past Sultans of Riau, while descendents of the Sultan still live on the island until today.  

Tanjung Pinang serves some of the most delicious seafood. At night a road is closed off and all kinds of food stalls emerge selling sumptuous dishes of chilli crab, steamed prawn, grilled fish with spicy sauces, and Riau’s favourite gong-gong, a kind of oysters.  

While along the east coast of Bintan are more white beaches, azure blue seas and a number of attractive islands. On the island of Nikoi, chalets and outbound activities have been developed, ideal for a perfect getaway into nature. A launch will take you from the Bintan coast to the island of Nikoi.

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